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Secondary Methods

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Tiering-- Multiple Intelligences-- Learning Styles-- Homework Options



Hey Everyone! Yes, we have our introduction page, but most of us like to put names to faces, it helps us to visualize scowls of disapproval, wide eyed dismay, and squeels of glee, indulge me, I am a visual learner. As such I have started a new page: PicsOfUs.


Directions for adding information to the Wiki.


You will be considering the realizations and questions raised in the previous week regarding the effort of your class as a whole and the individual struggling student that you selected as you visit websites to help us develop a plan for including all students into your classroom community.


As you search for weblinks, consider these questions:


1) What connections do you identify between your students and the research findings of the sites' suggested strategies?

2) What strategies appear to have the greatest payoff for your efforts?

3) Explain why the strategies you've selected appeal to you.

4) What ideas do you have for working these strategies into your lessons?

5) Predict positive and negative occurances before trying the strategies.

6) Take action and report your observations and conclusions.



Here's what to do in this activity.


Research the following topics on the web: Multiple Intelligences, Learning styles, Tiering, and Homework Options. You will be posting a link, a description of the link, and answers the above questions. Fuse your ideas together rather than posting individual reponses in your own section. Use Wikipedia as an example. Each of you will add different links as resources.


To add your information to the Wiki, link to what others have posted by adding [] brackets around a word in their sentence that relates to the idea that you want to present. Any blue word will take you to more information on that topic. Pages can keep branching off of the pages. Remember to get back to the beginning of our Wiki, you can always click on the Home tab. Remember on the Home page you read all about the "how tos" concerning Wikis.


Remember our students are better than we are with using technology. Have them help you with learning something new! Sounds like we're making you team and collaborate with your students :)



Let's begin...


Here's information that will help us incorporate the following stratgies into our secondary content areas: Multiple Intelligences, Learning Styles, Tiering, and Homework Options.


TIP: Befriend the "BACK" button if you get lost in the Wiki. When editing use the navigational tab on the right side of your screen.

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